CRMs that seamlessly integrate with Outlook

CRMs that seamlessly integrate with Outlook

CRM systems allow you to manage your customer information and contact management software all from one core system. As one of the most common email services available, Outlook integration is a significant factor in deciding which system you want to use.

Since so many individuals and companies use Outlook as a calendar, contact list, and email address, it is essential to seamlessly integrate it with your company’s CRM. This step can greatly benefit the efficiency and productivity within the CRM system.

Based on several factors, including price, integration method, functionality, and email management, here is a shortlist of CRMs known for their Outlook integration.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is widely touted as the most well-integrated contact management system. It allows its users to access their contacts and evaluate their leads all within its Outlook plug-in and based right in your browser. This system is particularly useful for real estate owners.

Overall, HubSpot is one of the best choices for small businesses looking for a robust tool to manage their business email through Outlook. Moreover, it can help to generate leads and manage deals through versatile CRM tools.

Zoho CRM

Designed specifically for gathering leads from social media, Zoho is a great CRM for sales teams. This tool will allow Outlook integration for managing deals, scoping out new leads, and creating marketing campaigns. If you need to manage a high volume of deals or focus specifically on outreach, Zoho can be the right CRM for your business.

Moreover, Zoho offers free and paid plans depending on your needs. If you have an agency or professional services firm that wants a social media-centric CRM integrated to Outlook, Zoho Professional may have everything you need.


This is a widely used CRM designed for the desktop-user who wants access to versatile contact management tools directly from Outlook. Salesforce is a cloud-based system competitively priced at $25 to $75 a month, depending on the plan.

Both plans include Salesforce’s contact and deal management software as well as marketing tools for email campaigns. The more expensive plan includes more advanced business forecasts, lead scoring, and additional functionality for sales teams with multiple members.


Insightly is best for a CRM focused on project managers looking to create custom projects in a wide range of sales processes. In addition, it includes customizable sales processes and advanced reporting, even on its free plan.

Basic but robust, Insightly integrates with Outlook users to manage contact history, link emails, and create and manage new tasks.

The Takeaway

Choosing a CRM for your business first requires that you know your needs. Different goals in productivity, marketing, and management will dictate which features you need on your side when looking to purchase a new system.

Though some plans come with free options, you may need more advanced contact management and lead generating tools offered by the premium systems. Businesses of all sizes need to be aware of the benefits of finding the right CRM. This step is essential not only for their customer service but for their marketing campaigns and future business decisions.