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Customer relationship management systems (CRM) are the backbone of modern marketing and customer service teams.
Features offered by CRM systems include the ability to process huge amounts of customer data and create refined email marketing campaigns. Moreover, these systems are very useful in managing project costs within departments and forming actionable plans for future business decisions.
Moreover, CRM systems provide real estate owners with access to many tools and shortcuts that make their businesses operate more efficiently. In this article, we will discuss two of the best free real estate CRM systems to help you optimize your information processing and management systems.

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Marketing tools are the focus of Freshsales’ completely free CRM. It features the ability to keep track of numerous leads. Moreover, it allows your marketing professionals to follow only the ones designated as viable by the system’s vast information processors. In the real estate business, there are many contacts to follow and leads to follow-up. The Freshsales system’s unlimited contact storage, marketing tools, and analytics are perfect for these purposes.

These features are further enhanced by its social media features, email templates, and lead scoring system. Lead scoring aids your agents in efficiently finishing sales based on the buyer’s interest has been and how much they have engaged with the listing.

By automating and integrating so much of this processing, it frees your agents up to do the work they’re trained to do. In addition, this tool will benefit productivity and efficiency.


Though many free CRM systems are viable for real estate agents, Zillow is the only one designed specifically with them in mind. Its agent features help with managing numerous contacts, reporting and tracking viable leads, and organizing tasks. As a CRM designed specifically for real estate, this system gives your agents access to a personalized profile on Zillow.com.

There, your agents can make listings, receive reviews from past clients, and list their own experience. In the age of online searching and purchasing, access to this market is a huge advantage for any real estate owner.

Although it does not contain as many features as other CRM systems, Zillow is tailor-made for real estate owners with robust insights and reporting systems. Its premier systems offer a diverse integration with tons of real estate-specific lead generation tools.

These include Realtor.com, BoomTown, Market Leader, and more.

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There are many more CRM systems available outside of the two on this list. Freshsales was repeatedly voted as the most versatile free CRM system on the market. Moreover, Zillow is one of the few such systems designed specifically for real estate owners.

Using these tools to your advantage can vastly improve the viability of your marketing campaigns. Moreover, they can enhance your agents’ ability to follow the best leads, and your company’s data processing and management systems as a whole.

Search for the best free real estate CRM systems to find what works best for you.

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